Family Nesj Arabians

We are a quality family breedingfarm located in Belgium. We Kristel, Josy , Lani, Yenthe and Liezel share our love for the greatest horsebreed in the World, The Arabian Horse. Our story starts from the passion for the arabian Horse. After a couple of year visiting several shows and studfarms we Kristel and Josy bought in 1994 our First arabian mare Loasa at the famous farm Arabica in Belgium.

How it started

Loasa was a yearling and we felt in love. She by the moving machine Veteran who is by Mashuk (King of Tersk) and Persona 27 who is by the great Naslednik. In 1997 the First foal was born, a filly by Kais (Pakistan x Proba) out of Loasa, we named her NESJLA. Who could believe that this foal made a big change in our live and the studfarm Nesj Arabians was founded!!! When NEsjla became a yearling we decided to go to a show with her. Balen, one of the most famous National shows. At her First show Nesjla became junior champion and best in show as youngest participant. The month later The Nationals where she continued her story as Belgian National Champion and again Best in show! As the European championships were held in Belgian we took the next step! She became European Champion beating...

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Elran Arabian Cup

19 & 20 July 2014

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